A Japanese based in Israel

since 2010

On-demand service provider

for your growing business needs

Founded in December 2018 by Keiko Navon, a Japanese who lives in Israel since 2010. KNAV Solutions provides on-demand services to growing business needs.

KNAV Solutions is a member of the Israel - Japan Chamber of Commerce.

A decade of experience in business development, KNAV Solutions helps mainly Israeli companies expand their market in Japan. The first step of penetrating the Japanese market with a native Japanese in Israel is the KNAV's fundamental proposition.

KNAV Solutions is good at professional localization with a deep understanding of technology. KNAV differentiates its localization, which is not just a simple translation that other translation companies offer.

Supporting Japanese delegations to Israel from planning, and providing local assistance, including interpretation in meetings. KNAV Solutions can provide additional services such as airport pickup, hotel reservations, organizing events,

tour planning with partners based on their needs.

What KNAV does



Business Development


Simultaneous interpretation

Japanese <> English
Supporting delegation



Japanese <> English



On-demand services

Organing events

in Japan